The YESPI Summer Academy is NOT an English language training program. The students are expected to already know English well enough to work and study in the language.  YESPI does not require a TOEFL or IELTS score to attend.  Please give yourself a self assessment on your English language ability.  This is based on a one to 10 scale.


  1.  – It is difficult for me to communicate in English.  I don’t understand very much.

  2. – I can ask basic questions of people and understand the answers.

  3. – I can communicate and survive but not that well.  I don’t have enough vocabulary to say everything I want.

  4. – I am okay with using English, but I sometimes need to use an App to understand certain words.

  5. – I am comfortable using English on a daily basis.

  6. – It is quite easy for me to work and study in English.  I am not worried at all about this issue.

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